Monday, June 13, 2016

Theatre of the World Photo Log

Steven Van Watermeulen as Janssonius (publisher) / Fabretti (critic)
 Leigh Melrose as Athanasius Kircher and the witches (Charlotte Houberg, Sophie Fetokaki, Ingeborg Brocheler)
 Leigh Melrose as Kircher, Marcel Beekman as Papa Innocentius XI, Lindsay Kesselman as the boy
Kircher (Leigh Melrose)  and the boy (Lindsay Kesselman)
 He and She (secret lovers, Martijn Cornet and Nora Fisher), Janssonius /Fabretti (Steven Van Watermeulen), Kircher (Leigh Melrose), boy (Lindsay Kesselman), Papa Innocentius XI (Marcel Beekman)

Photographs by Ruth Walz

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