Monday, May 31, 2010

Noise Quotes

Mirjam Zegers sends some funny quotes from Alex Ross' "The Rest is Noise":

The Mozart scrimmage
"Dave Lupack, our classical/sports liaison, notes that New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini has been blasting Mozart during practices at Jets training camp (read to the end of this item). It seems that Mangini read those Mozart-makes-you-smarter articles and decided that it would work on his offense. We would recommend Louis Andriessen instead."
The classical comeback (cont.)
"More on that 22.5% bump in classical record sales: reports from insiders suggest that the rise is not, in fact, due to crossover fare (Il Divo, André Rieu, the Dowland-howling Sting) but to the real thing (Mozart, Beethoven, Louis Andriessen)" (...)

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