Friday, March 5, 2010

Frontiers + Festival dedicated to Andriessen

This year Frontiers+ Festival, Birmingham Conservatoire, March 15-19, is dedicated to the music of Louis Andriessen. Concerts present a range of Andriessen's works: ...miserere..., The New Math(s), Letter from Cathy, Le Voile du Bonheur, Shopping List of a Poisoner, Xenia, Hout, Bells for Haarlem, Workers Union, Woodpecker, M is for Man, Music, Mozart, La Passione.
Performances come from an array of distinguished musicians, including the Smith Quartet, Monica Germino, Michaela Riener and Decibel (who will be in residence), alongside performances by students and tutors from Birmingham Conservatoire. During the last concert, an Honorary Doctorate of the University will be conferred on Louis Andriessen.
More info here.

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