Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Memory of The Memory of Roses

Frits van der Waa sends these beautiful photos he made during the recording session for "The Memory of Roses"on July 1993 in the Walloon Church, Amsterdam. The Memory of Roses score was illustrated by some of them.

Louis Andriessen

Annette den Heijer and Louis Andriessen

Ron Ford and Reinbert de Leeuw

Louis Andriessen, Gerard Bouwhuis, Stanley Hoogland, Ronald Brautigam, Annette den Heijer

Andriessen and Ronald Brautigam working on "Menuet for Marianne"

Louis Andriessen and Freek de Jonge working on "Commentaar"

Greetje Bijma

Werner Herbers recording "Vergeet mij niet"

Annette den Heijer, Louis Andriessen, Ron Ford

Tomoko Mukaiyama playing "The Memory of Roses"

Walter van Hauwe playing "Ende"

Louis Andriessen

Reinbert de Leeuw and Louis Andriessen playing "Jolie commentaire"

Margriet de Moor and Ron Ford, who plays "Deuxième Chorale"

Caecilia Andriessen and Louis Andriessen

Stanley H, Willem, Louis Andriessen and Frits van der Waa

Vera Beths playing/singing "La Voile du Bonheur"

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  1. Mr. Andriessen, where can i find a copy of this recording that was made? Is "Forget me not" published on its own?