Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Liszt viaTom&Jerry to The Hague and the Other Way Round

Replying to complaints about "Rosa, the Death of a Composer" political incorrectness Andriessen said: 'The violence in Rosa is theater; it has more to do with cartoons than with the world around us. I have never heard anyone complaining that Tom & Jerry are politically incorrect, but they are, constantly.'(From The Art of Stealing Time edited by Mirjam Zegers). Tom and Jerry are mentioned again in connection to "The Hague Hacking". Now the award winning 1946 cartoon "Cat Concerto"could be both seen as mediator of 'classical music' and brilliant critique of its world.

More about double piano concerto "The Hague Hacking" by Andriessen himself and the text by John Henken.

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